Cover Button Template Tool patent # US 9,364,049 B2 Invented and manufactured by Stephanie Jones

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What buyers are saying.

"How did I ever live without this tool?!!! This is my new favorite gadget! Everyone needs one of these" SugarChicBaby

I can't tell you how many time I've had to throw away a patch of expensive fabric because I cut it too narrow or too small for the button-thanks!  Looking4lilly

"These are a fantastic idea for anybody who makes custom-designed buttons (as I do) - perfect for sizing & perfect for placement. Brilliant. I will recommend to all my sewing/crafting friends." Isabellagolightly

This is such a great idea ! Good luck with it ! This is a life saver! I hate trying to find out what will end up on the button ! Thank you, we wish you much success!!

Got them and love them - finally something that's made to last - thanks!! 

"LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! Makes button covering so much easier! Thanks!!!" brandywrenn

 This template is awesome  Foxtailcreek

"Thank you so much for this custom order! I am so excited about using these templates! I made buttons while on a roadtrip this weekend and didn't have them with me - it was terrible! These templates help me save time and supplies! Thank you so much!" JuneandSeptember

"Thanks so much for the wonderful button templates.
I absolutely love being able to see the exact image that will be on my button before its covered. Thanks so much!! Definitely worth the purchase." Jinglebelle

"What a great little tool! Makes life so much easier - cuts down on wasted fabric. Thanks so much!" AnnaAhrensNZ

For use with, but does not include the blue & white plastic cover button tool.