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Craft Items - Use with Coverbuttons for clever unusual gifts

Shoe Clips
 Shoe Clips
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Cuff Links - Bright Silver Tone
 Shoe Clips
Work with #20 button and larger.  Just glue or use double face tape
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Paper Clips
Pin Clasps in 2 sizes
Use with #30 or larger buttons.  Great for gifts.
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Pin Clasps
Pin Clasps in 2 sizes
3/4" fits inside #36 button 1" fits inside #45 button
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AC2 Clips
Alligator Clips
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Foam Tabs
Foam Double Faced Tabs great for attaching pin clasts, shoe clips or magnets to our buttons
3.00 for pack of 60 tabs
Made in USA
3/4" Magnets
Use these magnets with #36 and larger buttons to make refrigerator magnets. Glue to back or use double face tape/tabs.

Magnets that may be attached to buttons
Stethoscope ID
Stethoscope ID Made in USA
Snaps around the hose.  Decorate with #60 Button. Attach with foam tab.
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Earring Posts and Clutch
 Earring Posts and Clutches in Stainless Steel great with the small cover buttons
Stainless Steel with 10mm pad. Fits inside the #20 button. With #20 buttons or larger makes nice earrings. Sold in Pairs.Now made in the United States.
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Stork Scissors
 Stork styled scissors, very sharp
 5.98 for 1 pair Very sharp and precise. Gold plated high quality. Compare at 20.00+
Craft Cord
$0.25/36inches or 1 yard
 Cord for projects