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Additional Information for Coverbuttons about payments and a description of the aluminum and brass buttons

Aluminum buttons
The aluminum buttons do not have teeth. None of our buttons work in any machine. The plastic assembly tool is required. An assembly tool is required for each size of button. The tool that you have already with the white or transparent silicone rubber holder and the blue plastic is exactly what I will send you so you don't need to purchase a second or third. The tools probably last forever unless the dog eats them....The tools have a number which is the size of the button. The number inside the blue pusher is the most obvious. This is a good way to figure out what size you need to order. These buttons are made in the US. The buttons that Dritz is selling in the "box" stores are now made in China. The package says they are made in China. They are not the same as our buttons. If you must use the Dritz buttons you might want to make sure they do not fall apart at the wrong time.
Brass Buttons
These buttons are made in the US and are old stock with only a limited supply. Once they are gone there will be no more
PDF showing button sizes. Print this out full size to check button sizes. The buttons come as two parts sold as a set. The shell is rounded called for some reason "half ball". The backs come normally with a wire eye used for sewing the back to something. Buttons are also available without this eye loop. If you are gluing something like the alligator clips to the back this is useful since you do not have to remove the eye.
To remove the eye loop simply cut with a pair of shop wire cutters. The wire will then easily come loose from the back.
If you forgot to order the tool. You will be charged the 3.25 shipping option but we will refund 1.00 if you order is under 15.00.
Payments - Coverbuttons uses Paypal to process all payments. It is not necessary to join Paypal to make a payment, just select credit card payment when you get to the payment page. If you pay by credit card please try to remember that you purchased Coverbuttons the only indication of who you purchased from will be the phone number 877-829-6806.  Paypal is very secure with your information. We have never in 6 years of processing with Paypal had any kind of issue.
ECHECKS - if you do not have a credit card attached to your paypal account, PAYPAL may do an ECHECK where the money is deducted directly from your bank account. This works ok but I am not allowed to ship for 4-5 days while the ECHECK clears your bank. If you are in a hurry for these buttons please call directly as I would then be able to use a credit or debit card over the phone. I will accept all credit cards including Amex and Discover and debit cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo.
Your information, I shred all information concerning your order after processing your credit card.

Your privacy is protected, we will not sell or disclose your email or phone information. I do not normally send any follow up emails. You will only get two emails concerning the status of your order.


 If you notice that your address with paypal was incorrect please call us ASAP to provide the correct address. Remember that we almost always ship the day the order is received.